Delacroix Fishing Report – 4/20/2024

Busy Saturday on the Island. Traffic was bad, long lines at the bait store, lots of boats trying to find some fish – guess the word is out that it is on in Delacroix. We decided to go further out to get away from the hoards of fishermen. We made the long run out to a deep bayou with a shallow flat in the bend of the bayou. Looked perfect, set up and first casts gaff top sail catfish and hardhead catfish galore. Then the gnats descended and started chewing on us. “Cats and Gnats” is not the way to start the day. We made a run to try some other spots in the area without luck as the tide slowed to nothing on a tide turnaround day. We were able to pick up a few trout and reds working shoreline points with wind driven water movement. Decided to take it back inside and hope for more significant water movement and fish activity. Set up out in the middle of a lake thinking that the wind would push the water and trigger a fish bite. The idea worked as we started to get some action on trout. The fish wanted live shrimp carolina rigged, They started off small, 10-12″ with all being carefully released, but soon the larger fish 14-18″ moved in and we caught them up until a Bull Redfish decided to get in on the action. These fish are a hoot to catch on light tackle equipment! The fish took us around the boat twice, under the stake pole, right at the motor lower unit, around the swim platform and finally into the net. This fish was 30 lbs. and was released to fight another day after pictures, smiles and high fives! Usually a big red fish fight will kill the trout bite as the trout go from predator to prey quick, but they did not stop biting. We kept filling the chest until we ran out of live bait and took it to the house with smiles on our faces. Good day under trying conditions. Will be back at it next week. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 4/19/2024

Got a late start this morning, it was a zoo at the live bait store. Finally got a bait well full of beautiful live shrimp and we headed out to find some speckled trout and redfish. The first spot on my list was already occupied by another boat by the time we arrived, so immediately we were off to plan B. The next spot was a deep bayou that opens up into a small and shallow lagoon. We set up and let the falling tide carry our baits up and into the shallow water of the lagoon. Nice speckled trout and redfish were there and hungry. The trout were in the 15-18″ class want wanted live shrimp carolina rigged and artificial beetles on 3/8 ounce jig heads. The reds were in the 24-32″ class and were released to fight another day. The gnats were bad as we placed the boat a little too close to the grass along the bank. They chewed up our hands until the wind picked up , but by that time the tide had slowed to a trickle and the fish bite did too. We hit a couple of other places without success as we waited for the tidal change without much luck. Once the tide started rising, we set up in a deep canal that crosses a small lake. We got into the trout again as they were eating up the bait as it washed up and into the lake. We tried corks, but the fish were glued to the bottom and wanted the baits lower in the water column. We stayed on this bite until we ran out of live bait and decided to take it to the house with a nice box of fish. Will be back at it again in the morning. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Fishing Report – 7/6/2023

Beautiful this morning as we headed into Breton Sound early. Light winds and light chop on the water made for smooth sailing to the outside waters. We stopped at an old abandoned oil well. A strong thunderstorm during the night muddied up the water clarity a bit, but the water was fishable. The tide was rising and there was a little bit of bait around. We started to pick up speckled trout in the 15-17″ class on artificial cocahoes and live croakers carolina rigged. We stayed with them for a while until the bite fizzled. We hit a couple of submerged reefs in the area, but could not get another bite going. It started to rain, so we headed back to the protection of the marsh. We stopped on the edge and tried a couple of spots with good water movement around points. We picked up some more trout in the 12-13″ class on live shrimp 2′ under corks. When this action faded we hit a couple of spots on the inside to pick up a few more trout. Only specked trout in the box today. We caught a few redfish, but they were undersized and released to grow up. The water salinity is improving which is a good sign that summer fishing will be great! Good luck out there this weekend!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Fishing Report – 5/8/2023

Took a ride early this morning with the boys from Tennessee hoping to get back on that trout bite. We hit several spots with promising conditions, but very few trout feeding. This sometimes happens when there is a full moon and the fish feed at night moving the daytime bite later in the day. We decided to switch gears and head to some redfish holes. We found a shallow cove with a small bayou leading to a small duck pond. We tried both live and dead shrimp under corks and caroling rigged. Redfish and Drum were interested and my guests enjoyed the drag pulling action. These fish were in the 18-26″ class. This spot played out and we tried another Bayou point as it opened up into a small pond. We got back on the redfish and drum action, but we also started to pick up a few trout in the 13-16″ class. The trout were most interested in artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. We also picked up a sheepshead and a flounder to round out the fish box. The wind shifted from the West as thunder boomers started to build and it changed the tide speed and our boat position which slowed our bite. With bait running out, we decided to call it a good day fishing and take it back to the boat slip. Good times on the water! Good luck out there.

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Fishing Report – 5/4/2023

Great fishing conditions this morning as we left the dock. Light winds out of the East and an incoming tide spelled success right away. We hit a spot where a pass empties into a lake. The trout were there and hungry. Fish started finding their way into the ice chest. The trout were in the 15-20″ class. The fish wanted live shrimp carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. The action faded as the water color started to cloud up. We took a ride to the outside edge to find the water conditions were worse. We did pick up a few more trout and one 18″ redfish. We decided to head back inside and came across a point with a very shallow oyster reef behind it. The rising tide had the water boiling across the reef and it had alot of bait activity. We set the boat upstream of the point and threw back to the reef. It was on, the trout were tearing across the reef and attacking bait as it worked through the oysters. The action continued until an oyster boat passed and its wake blew out the bite on the shallow reef. We hit another spot on a big lake to catch the end of the rising tide and got on another trout bite and picked up a nice bonus flounder. The tide slowed to nothing and the bite fizzled. We headed back to the dock with smiles! Be back at it next week. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Fishing Report – 4/20/2023

Very windy this morning as we left the dock. The winds were honking 20 mph from the SE. We were able to stay in protected waters and avoid the beating. We hit protected points with good water movement from a rising tide. The water was dirty and fresh from the high water conditions in the Mississippi River. We caught speckled trout in the 13-16″ class on carolina rigged live shrimp, live shrimp 3′ under corks and on artificial cocahoes. The fish were scattered and we had to bounce around a bit. The river is on the fall so hopefully some better water conditions will be available. Good luck out there!

Delacroix Report 12/10/2022

The fog was back this morning with a vengeance. Had to putt down the bayou as there were alot of boats out and you could not see diddly. We finally arrived at our first spot to find conditions perfect. A strong falling tide was drifting our live shrimp on carolina rigs down the bayou toward hungry fish. We started picking up speckled trout until the bull drum crashed the party. We caught 4 in the 35-40 lb class until my guests arms got sore and we had to move. The fog finally lifted and we hit a shallow flat and tried live shrimp under corks. The tide was moving the corks so fast that it was ineffective. We switched back to carolina rigs and started picking up fish. It was large variety of redfish, sheepshead and largemouth bass. We kept at it until the tide waned and the fish quit biting. Good catch on a glorious day! Good luck out there.

Delacroix Report 12/9/2022

No fog this morning was a welcome relief. The fish pattern changed today and we only picked up a few bass working our falling tide spots with live shrimp under corks. We changed up tackle and moved to deep holes with liv shrimp carolina rigged. This change worked as we started picking up speckled trout in the 12-16″ class. A bull redfish 32″ long crashed the party and we adjusted the boat slightly to take advantage of the waning tide. We got back on the trout until the bull drum moved in. we caught 2 in the 35lb class along with 2 sheepshead and called it a day. We will be back after them again tomorrow. Good luck out there!

Delacroix Report – 12/5/2022

Super foggy this morning. We delayed start time to compensate and left the dock as the visibility improved. We had a falling tide and tried a couple of perfect spots with limited success. We only hooked a bull redfish in the 30″ class, good fight and released to maybe catch again one day. We tried another spot and started hooking up on redfish on almost every cast. Unfortunately, not one made the box as they were all 14-15″. The reds wanted live and dead shrimp both carolina rigged and under corks. We kept at it and the trout turned on as the tide slowed. The trout wanted live shrimp carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. The tide faded and the feeding stopped. We bounced around a few spots with no action until the tide turned around. We found a point in a deep bayou where the water was flowing and found hungry trout. We did not limit, but had a nice box at the end of the day. We will be back after them later in the week. Good luck out there!

Delacroix Report – 11/4/2022

Beautiful sunrise this morning as we headed East down the Bayou into the Delacroix Marsh. Neap tide conditions was a concern as we tried to find the right fishing conditions. Our first spot was a flop and we headed deeper into the marsh. We found a bend in a deep bayou that was protected from the increasing Southeast winds. My guests found hungry speckled trout up to 2.5 lbs. taking advantage of our offering of live shrimp carolina rigged. The action was slow, but steady. We also had a collection of other species join the party – white trout, redfish, black drum and flounder. The reds were too small to keep, the black drum too big and flounder is currently closed season. We had a great time and will be back after them early next week. Be safe out there – Captain Jeff