Delacroix fishing report – 3/31/2017

Been a while since I have fished for speckled trout and redfish. My guests hit the Delacroix marsh just before daylight to find a gentle falling tide and a slight breeze. It was actually a little cool as we were scooting down the Bayou! We decided to try a small inside lake and work the mouth of a small bayou that was emptying into the lake. Good choice as shrimp were jumping out of the water and getting crushed by fish. We worked live shrimp Carolina rigged, 2 feet under corks and tight lined plastics. All worked and speckled trout in the 12-15″ class were hitting the ice box. The action slowed as the falling tide quit. We decided to venture further out to find the incoming tide and set up where a bayou was draining into a larger lake. The action was fast and furious on everything we threw out and the crew quickly switched over to plastics to put a hurting on trout. These fish were in the 14-18″ class. We got close to full limits, but our fast action could not be hidden from the other boats driving by and eventually they were swarming around us with their trolling motors engaged and shut the bite down. We hit one more spot to finish the limit and worked a deep canal with an adjacent shallow oyster lined flat. Nice trout up to 2 pounds were hitting plastics in the deep water and crushing live shrimp 2 feet under corks up on the flat. It was great to be fishing again after a long hunting season! By the results of this trip, it should be a banner year for fishing in the Delacroix marsh! Good luck out there.

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 12/22/2016

Strange tide today in the Delacroix Marsh. We hit the water after daylight to find a slight falling tide. We motored to where a small bayou drains into a small flat. There is a deep oyster lined hole adjacent to the bayou. We staged up current of the hole and started fishing. My guests were throwing live shrimp Carolina rigged. We started catching quickly, but had to wade through some small speckled trout to get some into the ice chest. The wind started to pick up out of the Southeast and the action slowed. We headed to another similar spot and got on them again. We again had to wade through small trout, but kept putting fish in the box too. The tide quit and the action slowed. We stayed in the same spot waiting for the tide to start rising, but it never did. Not quite sure why, but we fished slack water for a while. We started to pick up sheeepshead after sheepshead and decided to keep them. Sheepshead are tough to clean, but excellent table fare. We stayed until we ran out of live shrimp and took it back to the boat slip. Good day of fishing! Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 12/11/2016

It was cold this morning on the boat ride out into the Delacroix marsh. Brisk winds out of the SE and water temperatures in the upper 40’s made the fishing tough early. The temperature started to warm up mid morning and the fish started to feed. We found a spot where the rising tide was moving around a point and falling off the shelf into deep water. We set up with the wind to our backs and worked the deep hole with live shrimp Carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes. The trout were feeding, but the bite was extremely light and tough to feel. Once we figured out the pattern, we started to fill the ice chest with specks in the 12-15″ class. Not huge, but really good eaters! We also picked up a handful of sheepshead, redfish and black drum in the hole. Finished the day with a box full of fish. The weather is supposed to warm this week and the fishing should be solid. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 11/21/2016

Cool weather this morning for the boat ride to the fishing grounds. We hit the water early and worked the inside waters for speckled trout. We stopped at a small lake with a deep bayou entering into the lake. The falling tide had the water set up perfectly and we worked over the trout with live shrimp carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes. The wind picked up and swung the boat around and we lost the bite. We hit several other spots with minimal success. We moved back to the initial area and found another honey hole. These fish wanted artificial lures slow rolled near the bottom. We finished up soon after with quality trout in the 13-18″ class. The winter pattern is quickly approaching. It should be a good run. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report 11/1/2016

It has been a while since last post, the fishing has been poor at best and I have been rescheduling most trips to get into the better fishing times. Today’s trip was rescheduled twice to get to this point and I’m glad we finally made it out. My guests were treated to light winds out of the East and much better water conditions. We hit a spot where a deep bayou drains into a small lake with a moderate falling tide. As soon as we glided around the last curve in the bayou, shrimp were jumping out of the water everywhere in the lake. Hungry trout were smashing them and we quickly got set up to get into the action. My guests were throwing live shrimp Carolina rigged and under a cork. Both performed well and we worked on the trout for the next couple of hours. Unfortunately over half of the trout were too small and had to be returned to the water to grow up. The wind picked up and we got blown off the bite. We hit a couple of other spots with limited success. We made a move to a larger lake and set up along a current line well off of the bank. The bite was slow at first, but as soon as we figured out what the trout wanted, we started boxing 2-3 lb. trout. These fish were very large for this time of the year and a welcome change from having to measure every fish. These fish wanted live shrimp Carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jig heads. We worked on the big fish for a couple of hours until the tide started to slow. We decided to call it a day and took it back to the boat slip with a box full of beautiful speckled trout. It looks like the fishing is back and we are looking forward to a great winter season. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 8/6/2016

The small trout are everywhere! My guest got out early with me after some speckled trout and redfish. We hit a point on the edge of Breton Sound that has been good over the last few weeks. We started putting trout into the box pretty quickly working live shrimp Carolina rigged. We had to wade through many fish that were just under the minimum size limit. Good action. We kept picking away at the trout until a big humpback redfish crashed the party. This fish was only 25 inches long , but weighed 15 lbs. Apparently, the fish must have sustained a back injury early in life and made a recovery despite the odd appearance. The red was released due to pity and lives to fight another day! We stayed on the fish and picked through small fish to reach my guests quota and we headed in early to catch the Delacroix Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet. A good time was had by all! Good luck out there this week!

Delacroix Report – 8/5/2016

The invasion of the little speckled trout is on. We have been seeing a lot of small trout over the last couple of weeks and it is getting to be more and smaller fish. The keeper to throwback ratio is close to 1 keeper for every 5 fish. It is fun catching fish, but my guests would also like to bring home a good mess of fish filets. My guests were able to get in an afternoon trip shortly after a heavy downpouring rain. The water was a little off, but fishable. We hit several good spots and found good moving water with a falling tide helped by brisk winds out of the west. We could not get a fish to take our offerings of live shrimp or artificial cocahoes. We kept hitting spot after spot until we found a decent bite at the mouth of a deep bayou where it pours into a small lake. We started picking up speckled trout in the 12-14″ class about 30 minutes before dark. We hit it hard right up until dark and worked for enough filets for a big dinner. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/30/2016

Perfect fishing weather for a usually hot summer. We got out early to the edge of Breton Sound and set up on an outer point. We had good incoming tide and light winds out of the Southwest. The speckled trout were hungry and we started filling the box on the first cast. The fish were smaller than usual 12-14″ and we had to throw a lot of small trout back this morning. The fish were hungry for live shrimp Carolina rigged on the bottom and they ate up artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. We continued to wade threw smalls to get a good box full and we decided to switch gears and head toward the Delacroix marsh for some redfish. We worked a windward bank that is lined with oysters and picked up a bunch of reds in the 20-24″ class. These fish wanted live shrimp 2 feet under a cork very close to the bank. We ended the day early and took it back to the boat slip before the rains started to build up around us. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/16/2016

Another awesome fish catching day in the Delacroix marsh! My guests were treated to light winds out of the Southeast which made for a gentle glide out to the catching grounds. We set up on a coastal bay point with good incoming tidal water moving past the point and into a deep bayou. The fish were staged on the flat adjacent to the point and in the deeper water downstream of the point. We worked live shrimp both Carolina rigged and 3 feet under corks – both worked well. We also caught a bunch on artificial cocahoes on jigheads and under corks worked up on the flat. Most of the trout were 14-18″ with a few throwbacks mixed in. We also caught some redfish, black drum, sheepshead and flounder to round out the ice chest. We had a 40lb jack cravelle come in and crash the live shrimp cork party. We actually landed this beast after a 30 minute fight and released it to fight another day. The good times continue and the fishing has really been good in spite of the weather over the last few weeks. The weather has somewhat stabilized and the Mississippi River has gone down so the rest of the summer is looking up! Good luck out there this week.

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/9/2016

The speckled trout bite is still on! My guests were treated to a fantastic morning of trout catching. The winds were gentle out of the Southwest and the water was very low, but the fish were hungry. We hit a spot that had good incoming tidal movement and bait fish and shrimp jumping out of the water all around us. The action was fast and furious from the first cast. The trout were in the 13-18″ class with a good bit of too small throwbacks. The action faded as the tide slowed to a trickle and we headed to the dock early with an ice chest full. The fish wanted live shrimp Carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on jigheads. The artificial out fished the live today by a long shot. The catching action should continue this week, but the weather may not cooperate with elevated rain chances all week. Good luck out there!