Delacroix Report 12/10/2022

The fog was back this morning with a vengeance. Had to putt down the bayou as there were alot of boats out and you could not see diddly. We finally arrived at our first spot to find conditions perfect. A strong falling tide was drifting our live shrimp on carolina rigs down the bayou toward hungry fish. We started picking up speckled trout until the bull drum crashed the party. We caught 4 in the 35-40 lb class until my guests arms got sore and we had to move. The fog finally lifted and we hit a shallow flat and tried live shrimp under corks. The tide was moving the corks so fast that it was ineffective. We switched back to carolina rigs and started picking up fish. It was large variety of redfish, sheepshead and largemouth bass. We kept at it until the tide waned and the fish quit biting. Good catch on a glorious day! Good luck out there.

Delacroix Report 12/9/2022

No fog this morning was a welcome relief. The fish pattern changed today and we only picked up a few bass working our falling tide spots with live shrimp under corks. We changed up tackle and moved to deep holes with liv shrimp carolina rigged. This change worked as we started picking up speckled trout in the 12-16″ class. A bull redfish 32″ long crashed the party and we adjusted the boat slightly to take advantage of the waning tide. We got back on the trout until the bull drum moved in. we caught 2 in the 35lb class along with 2 sheepshead and called it a day. We will be back after them again tomorrow. Good luck out there!

Delacroix Report – 12/5/2022

Super foggy this morning. We delayed start time to compensate and left the dock as the visibility improved. We had a falling tide and tried a couple of perfect spots with limited success. We only hooked a bull redfish in the 30″ class, good fight and released to maybe catch again one day. We tried another spot and started hooking up on redfish on almost every cast. Unfortunately, not one made the box as they were all 14-15″. The reds wanted live and dead shrimp both carolina rigged and under corks. We kept at it and the trout turned on as the tide slowed. The trout wanted live shrimp carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. The tide faded and the feeding stopped. We bounced around a few spots with no action until the tide turned around. We found a point in a deep bayou where the water was flowing and found hungry trout. We did not limit, but had a nice box at the end of the day. We will be back after them later in the week. Good luck out there!

Delacroix Report – 6/17/2022

Beautiful sunrise as we headed East this morning. Very light winds and a strong rising tide makes for good fishing conditions, especially during the summer spawn. Headed straight to the spot that was good producer a couple of days ago only to find we were to late and the spot had a boat. It looked like they were fishing it differently, but otherwise occupied. Diverted to plan B and found another point with moving water and active bait. Speckled trout in the 13-15″ class started to find their way into the fish box. A couple of nice slot redfish joined the party. Best bait today was live shrimp on a carolina rig. With the light winds, it got hot quick and the fish activity slowed. We moved to deeper water and continued to pick away at the trout. The action was slow, but enough to keep on the spot. The water soon turned dirty as the rising tide brought water in from a shallow bay. We tried a couple of other spots picking up a few more reds and a nice flounder. The heat just became too much and we headed back to the dock for some shade. Good luck this weekend!

Captain Jeff.

Delacroix Report – 6/14/2022

Got an early start this morning and intended to head to the outside waters, but passed a point on the edge of the marsh with good tide movement and bait flipping. Had to stop to check it out and was rewarded with fat speckled trout in the 15 -18″ class. These fish wanted artificial shrimp style baits on 3/8 ounce jig heads and live croakers and shrimp carolina rigged. The rising tide slowed and so did the fish feeding action. We headed back outside and found another point with good water movement, but no bait and no fish action. No bait – no fish… The heat wave started as the sun got up into the sky and we decided to stay on the inside. We hit other spots and and only picked up a couple more trout. Decided to call it day before our brains cooked any more. The fishing action is improving as the Mississippi River continues to fall. Better fishing ahead!

Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 11/17/2018

Beautiful weather on Saturday! Light winds out of the East and cool temperatures made for a nice ride out and pleasant day on the water. There was little to no water movement which makes catching tough, but my guests were determined to make every cast count. We hit a couple of windward shorelines targeting redfish with live shrimp and dead shrimp carolina rigged. It was slow at first as the water temperature was hovering just above 55 degrees. Once the water warmed, so did the fish and the catching got better and better till we ran out of bait. We got into a redfish bite that was very strong. The fish were 14-29″ and good fighters. We tired of throwing back redfish as the bull reds were coming in 2 and 3 fish at a time. We moved down the shoreline slightly and got into the Black drum with some nice speckled trout mixed in. The drum were perfect size between 16-20″ and the trout were between 16-18″. We also had a few Sheepshead, Largemouth Bass AKA “Green Trout” and a flounder hit the shrimp. All in all a very good day on the water. It looks like the trout are starting to show up again which is a welcome sight. It has been a tough season on my usual target species. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/23/2017

We hit the water a little earlier this morning to try and beat the crowd to spot “A”. Well, we did not win the race. We passed by the spot and there was already another boat. The boat was not on the spot right, but was too close for me to slip in. We decided to head outside to work some submerged reefs that are typically good this time of year. The West winds were marginal for going out, but doable. We set up to take advantage of the rising tide across the reef. The West wind was complicating, but we were able to pick up some nice sized speckled trout, white trout and sheepshead. The fish were caught using live shrimp Carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes. The wind picked up to the point that it was overpowering the tide and we lost the right boat position so we headed back inside to check on spot “A”. It was again occupied by another boat and would not allow us a chance at it so we ventured further in and worked a point in large interior lake. We slammed the redfish, must have caught 30, but not one was over 14″. Good fun, but the fish box was getting lonely. We hit another spot on an adjacent large lake and hit speckled trout gold. The trout were smashing both live and artificial baits as quick as we could get them into the water. In scanning the skies, there was a significant storm closing in on us and the trout must have sensed the change in barometric pressure and turned on. We stayed as long as we could and took a slight beating getting across the lake. We made it most of the ride home in the dry, but it rained for the last few miles of the run. My guests put on rain jackets and I hid behind the center console and we took it like men. Proud of them! Good day again in spite of challenging conditions. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/22/2017

The weather was threatening this AM as we headed out into Breton Sound. It looked like we had a window to get around the storms toward the East, but we could not out run them and had to stop behind an island and ride it out. It did not last long and looked worse than it really was. After the delay, we continued on to spot “A”. Well unfortunately, the spot I have been working was already occupied and it was off to plan “B”. We hit another spot on the edge of Breton Sound with a small ditch flowing from a pond into a long shoreline. We worked the mouth of the ditch piking up a few reds. The action was too slow so we headed out in search of another spot and I noted that spot “A” was now available and we set up to work the point. The tide was rising and flowing across the point and dropping off into a deep channel. Speckled trout were in the deep crushing bait fish and shrimp. We offered up live shrimp Carolina rigged and were rewarded with a pile of specks in the 14-18″ class. The fish were also actively hitting artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. Good eaters and a lot of fun to catch. The action slowed as the tide slowed and we headed back toward the inside to find the tide again. We hit few spots with limited success as the tide was waning. We decided to call it early and head back to the dock. It was a good day even though we had some challenges to deal with. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/19/2017

Early start in the Delacroix marsh this morning. We left the dock before daylight to cover much of the run before available fishing time was spent travelling. Good move as we hit the spot right as it was light enough to cast to the point. Not as much bait moving around as yesterday, but the action was soon hot. The trout were not quite as big either, but numbers count too! The fish did not want corks today and would only respond to live shrimp carolina rigged in the current. We worked over the specks until the skies started to loom dark and close. We decided to head out a little earlier this time to try for some redfish before we got soaked or run in early. We hit a cove with a small little cut that leads to a marsh pond. It typically holds a few reds. We worked the cut with live and dead shrimp 3 feet under corks. The redfish responded and we caught a pile of reds just over 18″. The weather moved in and finally we called it for a run back to the dock. Great day in a magical place – Delacroix! Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/18/2017

The fishing is fantastic right now in the Delacroix marsh. The only issue is that you have to be there at daylight to catch the speckled trout bite and avoid the lines of strong thunderstorms that have been covering up the sound. We found a good bite this AM along an outside shoreline. It had water moving around the point and plenty of bait. Big specks were awaiting our offering of live shrimp both carolina rigged and 3 feet under corks. The trout were in the 15-22″ class and were getting bigger as the weather deteriorated. We stayed as long as we could and hauled it out just as it started to pour on the motor. We were close to limits and thought that we could stop at other spots a few miles away, but the weather had other ideas at it basically ran us all the way back to the dock. We will be back after them tomorrow. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff