Delacroix Fishing Report – 7/6/2023

Beautiful this morning as we headed into Breton Sound early. Light winds and light chop on the water made for smooth sailing to the outside waters. We stopped at an old abandoned oil well. A strong thunderstorm during the night muddied up the water clarity a bit, but the water was fishable. The tide was rising and there was a little bit of bait around. We started to pick up speckled trout in the 15-17″ class on artificial cocahoes and live croakers carolina rigged. We stayed with them for a while until the bite fizzled. We hit a couple of submerged reefs in the area, but could not get another bite going. It started to rain, so we headed back to the protection of the marsh. We stopped on the edge and tried a couple of spots with good water movement around points. We picked up some more trout in the 12-13″ class on live shrimp 2′ under corks. When this action faded we hit a couple of spots on the inside to pick up a few more trout. Only specked trout in the box today. We caught a few redfish, but they were undersized and released to grow up. The water salinity is improving which is a good sign that summer fishing will be great! Good luck out there this weekend!

Captain Jeff

Lack of Wind makes for Easy Rig Hopping

Todays predicted 2-3′ seas did not materialize and made for some easy rig hopping out in Breton Sound.  The water looked good and the tide was rising a little over a half foot. We found the trout stacked up on the down current corner of a rig in 10 feet of water. These trout were nice, 15-22″ with no throwbacks. The fish wanted live shrimp carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on a 1/4 ounce jighead. The artificial outfished the live shrimp today. The hot color was avacado w/red tail. We also soaked live croakers to pick up a couple of larger trout and one bull red around 30 lbs. which was released. The fish only wanted the bait cast up current and worked back, no cross current or down current presentation. We were well on our way to our limits when a crew boat decided to park and washed us out. It took four more drops to find them again, but fishing a small wellhead in 12 feet of water worked for us. These fish followed the same pattern, but would pick up the bait cross current as well as up current. The live croakers were being inhaled as soon as they hit the bottom. My guests took a while to get the croaker fishing touch, but were getting seasoned as we ran out. Artificials finished us up. We hit a redfish hole on the way in and soaked some live and dead shrimp 2′ under a cork for some redfish and drum action. Nothing big, just decent slot fish 18-20″. Good day at the office! The tidal range is starting to drop to nothing toward the weekend. We will need some wind to move the water. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat