Delacroix Report – 7/7/2021

More rain predicted for today. We hit the honey hole before daylight. The spot did not look right, no water moving, no bait moving. Was worried until the first cast resulted in rod bending action. Big speckled trout started hitting the ice chest on live shrimp 2 feet under corks. The fish were in the 18-22″ class. As the tide began to move the action improved and was steady until the sun got up. It got sporadic afterwards and we decided to try for some other species. We hit a small cove with a couple of marsh drains and got on some nice slot redfish in the 18-25″ class. We also picked up a few sheepshead, black drum and a bonus doormat flounder. Thunder started to roll so we ran for the protection of the marsh and hit an inside spot. We started to pickup small trout in the 12-14″ class on live shrimp carolina rigged. This action continued until the rain built up beside us and we decided to make the run back home in the dry. The fishing is picking up in the Delacroix area and look forward to getting back out there. Good luck!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 7/6/2021

The light show in the sky was intense as we arrived at the boat this morning. Rain was building to the East and the South. We looked at the radar and decided to take a chance by fishing at the some spots close to the boat slip just in case it got too nasty. As it got light, the rain stayed South and East so we ventured further out to the edge of the bay where the salinities are better. We found a point with moving water and bait and found hungry fish. Speckled trout in the 18-22″ class found the ice chest on live shrimp both carolina rigged and 2 feet under corks. The trout also were interested in artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. The tide slowed and the trout bite died, so we hit a slough that leads to a small pond and found nice reds in the 18-28″ class. These fish were super aggressive and we lost several due to breakoffs. We also picked up some black drum and sheepshead to round out the fish box. The rain started to close in on us so we took it bak to the boat slip to start cleaning fish before the bottom fell out. Great day on the water! An above average chance of rain is predicted the rest of the week. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff

Late Start Proves to be a Winner

Good fishing out of the Delacroix marsh today. My guests and I got a late start this morning with the intention of staying later into the afternoon. This proved to be an excellent game plan as the trout and reds really came alive in the afternoon. We spent the morning and early afternoon working the deep holes of the inside and middle bays with minimal results. The outgoing tide stopped and the mid tide lull set in. We ran toward the outside to catch the incoming tide and continued to struggle. We tried live cocahoes, artificial cocahoes on the bottom and under corks, but could not muster more than a couple of fish here and there. The tide started moving well and we vetured back to the middle bays to work the deep winter time holes. Bingo! The trout and reds were ready for us. We worked them over and left them biting. The trout were 14-17″ and the reds were up to 25 lbs. The fish wanted artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. The hot color was smoke with a red tail. We tried the live cocahoes and could not get a bite. We positioned up current and worked the lure cross current and down current. The fish wanted the winter twitch and took the lures on the fall or as the bait was left to fall back with the current. The fish sure came alive in the afternoon and made a good day out of one that was shapping up to be fair at best. Look for your fish in the middle bays with deep holes. Fishing the rising tide in the afternoon appears to be hot right now and we all could use to sleep in for a change. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat