Delacroix Report – 3/7/2020

It was cold and windy this morning out of the Delacroix Marsh. The water was low and dirty most of the areas we fished. We were able to find some protected areas that offered some relief from the cold winds and had decent water conditions. We fished deep drop offs with a strong rising tide. We tried dead shrimp carolina rigged and on jig heads to catch sheepshead. Artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jig heads were the lure of choice to pickup a surprising number of trout. The trout were in the 14-17″ class with no throwbacks. The trout wanted the lure slow rolled on the bottom with very little twitching. It was good to see the trout numbers and the quality. Looking forward to the next trip. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 1/12/2019

Breezy and cool this morning as we headed out into the Delacroix marsh. We hoped to get into some fish before the expected cold front passed through with rain, strong winds and colder temperatures. The fishing was slow as expected with all of the freshwater from the high Mississippi River in the estuary. We hit points along windward shorelines and soaked live and dead shrimp on the bottom. We picked up redfish, sheepshead and largemouth bass for our efforts. Several bands of rain passed through throughout the day, but the rain was short in duration. My guests were prepared with rain gear and we fished right on through the weather. The last front passed early afternoon and the sky cleared and the sun came out. It was nice to dry out a little and warm up as we took the ride back to the boat slip. The fishing has been challenging and the trout have been particularly tough. The weather looks good early in the week and deteriorating toward the weekend. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix Report – 12/17/2018

The days of West wind took a toll on the water in the Delacroix marsh. The water was very low and dirty as a result. My guests faced a cold ride out this morning  with light winds, but cloudy and cold conditions. We hit areas in the marsh interior to find very little tide movement and freshwater conditions. We were catching freshwater catfish and largemouth bass in my speckled trout holes! I knew that it would be tough with water temperatures below 54 degrees and no saltwater to be found. We started to grind it out moving frequently to scrape together a box of redfish, sheepshead and bass. We worked live shrimp carolina rigged all day. Not the best results, but it was the best we could do under the circumstances. Hopefully the conditions will improve and we can find some saltwater fish soon! Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff

Good Tidal Movements create Excellent Fishing Conditions

Excellent fishing for trout out of the Delacroix marsh. A little breezy, but good tidal movement combined with the wind surge made the fish stack up in the interior bayous and passes. We found quality fish suspended 1-2 feet off the bottom in 10-12 feet of water. We caught trout, reds, sheepshead, bass and flounder on live shrimp carolina rigged. We also picked up fish on artificial jigs in alvacado/red tail, 1/4 and 3/8 ounce heads.These fish wanted the lure presented cross current at first with a slow reel/twitch. As the wind shifted more southerly, the fish wanted the hook tightlined down current. The fish are setting up in the winter time holes. The fish are not right on the bottom, they are suspended up a foot or more up the slope. Look for your action near interior bayous between two lakes or passes between lakes. The fish should be on one end or the other tide depending. A front looks to push through Tuesday/Wednesday which should lower the water temperature even more. Winter time fishing at its best! Good luck out there this week.

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat