2005 Turkey Season Wrap Up

Another turkey season is now in the books in Louisiana. It has been an interesting season. We guided up 7 birds to the guns and had 2 other misses. The birds were gobbling from beginning to end, but were reluctant to come into gun range. We have so many hens on our property that the gobblers do not have to break from their evolutionary role and go to the hens. This made early season and morning hunting a challenge. The birds would gobble their heads off on the roost and then once the hens showed up they would shut up until mid morning when the hens left to nest. The fact that the woods were unseasonably dry made sneaking up close to the roosted birds extremely difficult. Our best results came on mid morning cut and run hunts when the gobblers were more receptive to traveling to the hen calls. All in all an excellent season and a real pleasure to be in the turkey woods!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat