Delacroix Report – 4/23/2021

Boy was it windy for an afternoon trip in the Delacroix marsh! The water table was up and the water quality was poor as the strong winds had the water clarity muddied up and dirty. I wanted to try spots on the edge of the marsh and the bay, but the water was just too dirty to catch speckled trout. A quick change of locations found a sheltered bend in a bayou with good water movement and cleaner water. We tried live shrimp on carolina rigs and artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jig heads to catch a few speckled trout in the 14-16″ class. The action was slow so we tried another shallow spot with a small drain to pick up a nice 25″ redfish. The next spot was a flat adjacent to a really deep bayou where we picked up 2 nice flounder. 1st flounders to hit the ice chest in a long time and was a welcomed sight! The last spot was another flat adjacent to a really deep bayou where we picked away at nice trout up to 20″ working the oyster lined flat. Storms started to build up and we headed back to the dock dry up until the last few minutes. The artificial out fished the live today. It was a good trip and we found the fish hungry again. We will be back at it this week, good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

High Winds make for a Rough Adventure

The high winds this morning made an outside run a rough adventure. My guest opted for the inside tour and were rewarded at our first stop at an inner lake. The spot produced a good number of quality trout 14-17″. We were fishing live cocahoes carolina rigged on the bottom in 12 feet of water. The tide was falling for a change and the steady action continued until the water stopped moving mid morning. We then headed toward the outside to catch the incoming tide and found a few fish along the Oak River cuts. The wind died down and we decided to try outside. Ventured way out into Breton Sound and found good water, but no tidal movement. Stopped at the bull red spot and got 2 breakoffs. Hit several rigs and wellheads on the way back in and registered a goose egg. Good water, but no movement. Headed back inside to find the tide rising nicely in the marsh – very strange. We hit an inner bayou and found trout, reds and drum waiting. The trout and reds wanted artificial cocahoes in smoke and alvacado colors. The trout were 13-16″ with a few throwbacks and the reds were 18-22″. The reds and drum also wanted live cocahoes under corks. A nice way to end the day! The forecast looks good for the rest of the weekend although it will be hot. Get out there early!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat