Buras Duck Report – 12/27/2022

Light winds and cool temperatures this morning in the Mississippi River Delta. We crossed the Mississippi River and headed into a big pond that has been holding birds. The water was low due to last weeks artic front. Luckily, the tide came up last night and was just starting the fall as we got set up. Tried a different look with the decoy spread, put out scattered pairs thinking the set up might work with the light winds. Shooting hours arrived quickly and the teal were buzzing everywhere. My guests unleased and we quickly got limits of Bluewing and Greenwing Teal. We picked up and made a loop for Nutria Rats. We saw 3 and collected one. We saw 7 hogs along the way, more than I have seen in quite some time. We will be back out tomorrow. Good luck out there this week!

Nutria Hunting Report – 2/13/2017

Perfect weather this morning in the Mississippi River Delta. Light northerly winds and cool temperatures made for a beautiful day. We hit the property a little after sunrise and we started encountering nutria rats right away. My guests missed the opportunity on the first few, but started to get the hang of it and we started bringing rats into the boat. We ended up with six, but had opportunities on over 20. I will be back after them next week. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Nutria Hunting Report – 2/9/2017

The nutria were out and about this morning in the Mississippi River delta. My guest were treated to some stiff northerly winds, but in the small bayous it was not an issue. We started encountering nutria rats swimming across the bayous as soon as we got onto the property. Many gave us the slip by diving underwater and resurfacing a hundred yards away. Some gave us easy opportunities and my guests capitalized on those. We encountered 20 plus nutria during the hunt, but were only able to harvest a few. That means that I still have way too many rats on the property. I will be back after them next week. Good luck out there!

Buras Nutria Report 2-21-2016

Pretty slow nutria action at the mouth of the Mississippi River Delta today. The great Mississippi River flood of 2016 must have temporarily relocated them as we only saw 4 and were able to harvest 2. Still had a great time and saw all kinds of other wildlife. Be safe out there!

Captain Jeff

Buras Nutria Report

The nutria hunting at the mouth of the Mississippi River is going well. The thick vegetation on the banks of the bayous and lakes it still very thick. The excessive cover has made getting nutria tough as they are hard to see. This make a keen eye and a quick shot key to success! The rats are still around and the action will improve as the winter cold knocks the freshwater vegetation back. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Nutria Hunting

Laid down the rods and picked up the shooting irons Saturday morning at the duck lease in Buras, Louisiana. I had 2 guests from Wisconsin come down to experience the ultimate swamp tour with a twist. We rode around the 1200 acre duck lease on a quest to control the nutria population. These animals are voracious marsh destructors and need to be controlled. They have few predators and breed like rabbits. Without control, they would devour vast acreage of vegetation converting it to open water. The mudboat hit all of the bayous, canals, lakes and duckponds eliminating a dozen of the rodents. One guest was a marksman with a shotgun and the other sported a .22 rifle. Both good shots and enjoyed the experience. We saw all types of wildlife including plenty ducks of various species, wild pigs, cattle, snakes and alligators. A real swamp tour with a twist!

Captain Jeff