Buras Duck Report 12/19/2015

Another duck smack down in the Mississippi River Delta. My guests were treated to beautiful duck hunting weather this weekend. Cold in the pre dawn darkness and warming up in the morning. There were plenty of ducks around although not as many as expected with the cold weather and the 2 week layoff with the season split. My guests were as little rusty at first light, but came around as the sun came up. We bagged Gadwall, Widgeon and Bluewing Teal. The ducks worked the decoy spread perfectly and offered 25 yard decoying shots. Good times for all, except for the ducks! The season runs to late January 2016 and it is looking good for us. We just need several reinforcing cold fronts and the action should remain good. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Buras Duck Report 11/20/2015

Good duck action continues in the Mississippi River Delta. Brisk NE winds behind the latest cool front brought down more new birds. We set up in a new pond this AM and the ducks had no idea what was in store for them. The blinds was brushed up well and the ducks never saw us. Easy feet down shots! Plenty of Mottled ducks in the pond and we had to be selective on what we shot. We waited out the flurry of Mottleds and were rewarded with another variety of Species – Gadwall, Pintail, Bluewing Teal, Greenwing Teal and a pair of Mallards. The good hunting continues and should only get better. Good luck out there this weekend!

Captain Jeff

Buras duck report 11/19/2015

Good duck weather this week and some small fronts have pushed ducks down and into our ponds. The Easterly winds have pushed the water really high and flooding into the marsh. Easy access into the ponds, but the extra water opens up areas in the marsh that are typically dry. The ducks love newly flooded areas! We hit a pond perfect for the wind and adjacent to some flooded freshwater marsh this morning. The action was slow as shooting time arrived with ducks trying to land in the pond in singles and pairs. After the initial flurry of action, we had 6 species in the boat – Mottled, Pintail, Gadwall, Bluewing Teal, Greenwing Teal and Widgeon. An hour into the hunt, the Gadwall started to come in in groups of 2-15 and limits were achieved shortly thereafter. Great shoot! Good luck out there this weekend!

Captain Jeff

Buras Duck Report

The duck hunting action has been steady at the mouth of the Mississippi River. Good cool fronts over the last couple of weeks and great delta habitat conditions have equaled excellent success. We have been harvesting Pintail, Gadwall, Mottled, Greenwing and Bluewing teal. We have seen many other species as well. The area is lush with duck food and is holding birds between the fronts. It looks to be a banner year! Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Buras report 9/13/2015

Another glorius day in the Mississippi River Delta. The passage of a cool front during the night brought down flocks of teal. The strong winds from the North East poured water into the ponds. The water was a solid foot higher that yesterday. The birds were working the pond amazinly well and my guests shooting eye was keen today. Limits of bluewing and a few greenwing teal before 7:30 AM. The blinds are tight and the vegetation in the ponds is full. This should be a great season! Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff

Buras Report 9/12/2015

Teal Season Opener:

That magical time of year is upon us again – Teal Hunting season! My guests hit the freshwater delta early to get set up and settle into the blind. We settled into the blind and could not restart the boat. Dead cell in the starting battery. So I called a buddy hunting nearby who offer to lend us a hand after the hunt. The bluewing teal worked perfectly and passed over and worked the pond well. The shooting was a little rusty at first, but me guests came around quick. Limits of teal before 8 AM! My buddy showed with another battery and we were able to get back without incident. I pays to have friends out there! We will be back in the blinds soon! Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Duck season final trip

Well as I write this report, our waterfowl season has ended. It was an excellent year for ducks in the Mississippi River Delta. We got limits yesterday in relatively short order. The bag consisted of Gadwall, Bluewing and Greenwing Teal. It was a bluebird day with very light winds, but the birds responded well and my guests shot very well which equals quick limits. We also encountered and harvested alot of nutria rats on the way in. We will be rat hunting until turkey season.

Captain Jeff

Duck and nutria report

Yesterday was a nasty day for humans at the Mississippi River Delta. It rained the entire day and was cold and windy so not the best for us, but the ducks loved us. The birds did not decoy as we wanted, but came close enough to receive a pattern of steel shot! My guests took home Gadwall and 2 Greenwing teal. We saw other species, but not close enough for shots. On the ride home, we saw alot of nutria rats and hartvested a mess of them too! Good shooting yesterday and will be back at it this weekend.

Captain Jeff

Duck hunting report

The duck action has been steady over the last couple of weeks. We have plenty of ducks on the lease in the Mississippi River Delta and they are working well. We have had to move around a bit and use differnt decoy spreads to keep giving them differnt looks. The birds are working well into the diffent spreads and blind locations. We are still taking Gadwall, Widgeon, Bluewing and Greenwing Teal and a few Pintail. With the weekly cold fronts, the action should continue to be outstanding.

Captain Jeff

Duck Hunting in Venice, Louisiana

The duck hunting is excellent so far this season in the Mississippi River Delta out of Venice, LA. The birds are down in good numbers and the hunting areas have an over abundance of grasses and other duck feed. The hunting should only get better as the weather turns cold and sends more supply down the flyway our way. My guests have harvested Gadwall, Pintail, Widgeon, Mottled and BW Teal. The fishing has been outstanding as well. The Delta is loaded with redfish right now. These fish are cruising along any rock jetty. Live cocahoes, dead shrimp and various artificials are all producing fat Venice reds. The trout are a bit more challenging, but will soon fall into the fall/winter time pattern. The river is low and the water is turning a nice green color. The migration is on for both waterfowl and fish. Don’t be left out of the hot winter action! Good luck.

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat