Delacroix Report – 1/12/2019

Breezy and cool this morning as we headed out into the Delacroix marsh. We hoped to get into some fish before the expected cold front passed through with rain, strong winds and colder temperatures. The fishing was slow as expected with all of the freshwater from the high Mississippi River in the estuary. We hit points along windward shorelines and soaked live and dead shrimp on the bottom. We picked up redfish, sheepshead and largemouth bass for our efforts. Several bands of rain passed through throughout the day, but the rain was short in duration. My guests were prepared with rain gear and we fished right on through the weather. The last front passed early afternoon and the sky cleared and the sun came out. It was nice to dry out a little and warm up as we took the ride back to the boat slip. The fishing has been challenging and the trout have been particularly tough. The weather looks good early in the week and deteriorating toward the weekend. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Cold Front Equals Poor Fishing Conditions

The poor fishing conditions and fishing continue out of the Delacroix marsh. The cold front is still having a major negative effect on the fishing. The water is fresh and cloudy all over the marsh right now. The fish are there, but with 15-20 K winds, they have lock jaw. The best action continues to be utilizing a drifting approach. The trout are still in the middle lakes and seem to have moved to a little deeper water 8-12 ft. Try casting toward the drift and slow rolling plastics back to the boat. If you catch a fish, go back and repeat the drift. It is necessary to do alot of casting right now so warm up the old rotator cuff! The weather is slated to improve the next few days and the water clarity and fishing should as well. Good luck out there this weekend. Thanks Captain Brian!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat

Slow Fishing this Weekend

Slow fishing out of the Delacroix marsh this weekend. The remnants of the full moon are still working on the feeding patterns of the fish. The redfish have been cooperative, but the trout have been scarce. We have been catching one to three trout per spot. The trout have been nice size, up to 18″ with few throwbacks. The redfish are sacattered, but not hard to limit with multiple fishing spots. The reds have been going up to 26″ with few throwbacks. All fish have taken live or dead shrimp fished 2-5′ under corks. The water conditions are very fishable, but rather low toward the low tidal ranges. This tends to make the water dingy, but still fishable. There is plenty of bait both inside and outside of the marsh. The trout just do not seem to be interested in feeding after the moon sets in the morning. This week should find the moon effect waning. We need cold fronts to finish the inside migration. Looking forward to a banner fall and winter season! Good luck out there this week.

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat