Delacroix Report – 11/4/2022

Beautiful sunrise this morning as we headed East down the Bayou into the Delacroix Marsh. Neap tide conditions was a concern as we tried to find the right fishing conditions. Our first spot was a flop and we headed deeper into the marsh. We found a bend in a deep bayou that was protected from the increasing Southeast winds. My guests found hungry speckled trout up to 2.5 lbs. taking advantage of our offering of live shrimp carolina rigged. The action was slow, but steady. We also had a collection of other species join the party – white trout, redfish, black drum and flounder. The reds were too small to keep, the black drum too big and flounder is currently closed season. We had a great time and will be back after them early next week. Be safe out there – Captain Jeff

One Stop Shopping Fishing

Excellent fishing yesterday out of the Delacroix marsh. One stop shopping at the mouth of a shallow inside lake where a bayou empties in. The fish were active in both rising and falling tide situations. The water was very high due to the strong easterly winds the last few days. The redfish and black bass were ganged up against the grass beds and the trout and white bass were in the deeper water of the bayou. All species wanted live shrimp or artificial cocahoes in any color. The reds and black bass wanted the shrimp 2′ under a cork close to the gress beds. The trout and white bass wanted live shrimp on a carolina rig in 12′ of water or the artificial on a 1/4 ounce jighead. All fish were very aggressive and attacked the baits with passion. The fish were very nice with reds up to 22″, black bass up to 5 lbs, white bass up to 2.5 lbs and the trout 14-18″. This pattern should continue, as the water is high, the shrimp are in and the fish are hungry! Look for your fish around the grass beds in the inner lakes. The shrimp are jumping into the grass and are a dead give away to fish feeding activity. Threats of rain and wind in the forecast, but with the protection and proximity of the inner lakes, you can get back to the marina in 10-15 minutes and not take a beating. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat