Delacroix fishing is good between the storms

Got lucky with an early morning weather window before ther storms rolled in Saturday. Took advantage of it and headed out early, but stayed in protected water. The weatherman said look for the front between 8 AM and 2 PM. It was closer to 2 PM when it started raining, but we were back at the dock long before then. The fishing was good, but the tide was strange. It was falling hard till midmorning then a long turnaround and the tide rose for a couple of hours before starting to fall again. We set up on a flat adjacent to a deep pass. We worked the pass and the drop off with artificial cocahoes picking up speckled trout, redfish and flounder. When the tide started rising, we worked the adjacent flat for the same species. The trout were up to 3 lbs, but most in the 14-16″ class. The reds were up to 27″ and some nice medium sized flounders rounded out the box. I love to catch and eat those flat fish! The fishing is really good in the Delacroix area right now. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff

Delacroix fishing at it’s best

It was on Saturday in Delacroix. Everything was right and the fish really responded. We hit the sound early watching rain and several waterspouts working far East. We hit the submerged reef and found hungry speckled trout. These fish wanted artificial cocahoes slow rolled over the reef. We had live shrimp under a cork and caught a few, but artificials again ruled the day. The fish were in the 14-16″ class and were almost all males. The winds were blowing out of the West then switched to the North and moved the boat out of position. We tried to reposition, but lost the bite. We were close to limits and my guests decided that we had enough trout and we moved to the outer bays to target redfish. We worked the windward shorelines and picked away at the reds up to 20″ on live shrimp under corks. We also picked up more and bigger trout and a few flounder too! You got to love the variety! We hit a few spots on the way in for scouting purposes and found trout at every stop. Excellent news and those spots may come in handy in the near future! Good luck out there!

Delacroix Fishing is Hot

Boy was it hot on Friday! Both the fishing and the weather. Little to no wind, gnats out in force and pushing 90 degrees made it feel like the middle of summer. The fish did not mind and we caught plenty of them. Speckled trout up to 3 lbs, redfish up to 26″ and some medium sized flounder to top off the ice chest. These fish were caught in the inside deep water holes with adjacent flats, outer shallow water coves and over submerged reefs out in the Sound. The majority of the fish were caught on artificial cocahoes in the smoke color with 3/8 ounce jigheads. We had live bait, but the artificials were producing better. Inside, the fish wanted the bait slow rolled over the oysters up on the flats. The outer coves and the outside reefs produced with a steady retrieve and slow rolling the bottom. The tide was predicted to rise till noon at over 1 foot range, but we did not find any rising water. I guess it was due to the exceptionally high water in the Delacroix marsh right now. The salinities have returned to the inside, but the still seems to be too low for spawning fish around the islands. There are still fish to be caught both inside and outside. Good luck out there!

Good Fishing Weekend

Good fishing this weekend out of Delacroix . Saturday was excellent weather and the fish responded well. My guests got into a good bite early at a wellhead catching 2-3 lb trout on artificial cocahoes in smoke and purple w/ chartreuse tail. We tried live shrimp and croaker, but the fish wanted artificial. This bite faded as a crew boat stopped by and it was off to the next hot spot. We set up down current of a wellhead in Breton Sound and threw back up current. Nice trout 3-4 lbs were hammering the artificial cocahoes as they were twitched past the well. We also picked up 2 bull reds up to 35 lbs which were released to fight another day. We ventured to another couple of rigs with nothing and decided for one more stop before heading into the marsh for reds and it was on! These specks were smaller, but still in the 1-2 lb class. The fish also wanted artificial cocahoes. This action continued until we finished off the chest and left them biting. Great day to be on the water!

The conditions today were a little different. The winds picked up and the seas did as well. My guests opted to do the redfish tour in the protected waters. We set up on windward points and coves in the outer bays and tossed out live cocahoe minnows 3 feet under corks. No slam, but each spot would yield a few fish. The wind and seas were picking up even more and we headed to the deep waters of the inside marsh. Tried the artificial cocahoe winter twitch and immediately started picking up trout 13-17″. After some catching, we looked over our shoulders to see a big storm bearing down on us from the West with lightning and thunder. Time to run! ¬†We ventured as far north as we could to try to get around it, stopping at a couple of spots with nothing for the chest. A small window presented to get back and avoid the rain and my guest decided to call it an early day. We made it into the slip in a light sprinke and the rain began to fall shortly thereafter. Good timing! The fish are active in the sound if the weather permits, but the inside waters are still holding plenty of fish. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat

Late Start Proves to be a Winner

Good fishing out of the Delacroix marsh today. My guests and I got a late start this morning with the intention of staying later into the afternoon. This proved to be an excellent game plan as the trout and reds really came alive in the afternoon. We spent the morning and early afternoon working the deep holes of the inside and middle bays with minimal results. The outgoing tide stopped and the mid tide lull set in. We ran toward the outside to catch the incoming tide and continued to struggle. We tried live cocahoes, artificial cocahoes on the bottom and under corks, but could not muster more than a couple of fish here and there. The tide started moving well and we vetured back to the middle bays to work the deep winter time holes. Bingo! The trout and reds were ready for us. We worked them over and left them biting. The trout were 14-17″ and the reds were up to 25 lbs. The fish wanted artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. The hot color was smoke with a red tail. We tried the live cocahoes and could not get a bite. We positioned up current and worked the lure cross current and down current. The fish wanted the winter twitch and took the lures on the fall or as the bait was left to fall back with the current. The fish sure came alive in the afternoon and made a good day out of one that was shapping up to be fair at best. Look for your fish in the middle bays with deep holes. Fishing the rising tide in the afternoon appears to be hot right now and we all could use to sleep in for a change. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat

Tough Fishing Conditions

Tough fishing conditions today out of the Delacroix marsh. Strong winds out of the Northeast held up the tidal fall today. The fish did not want to cooperate in the lack of moving water. The trout that fell victim to our lure presentations wanted artificial cocahoes worked slowly on or near the bottom. The hot colors were alvacado with a red tail and smoke with a red tail on a 1/4 or 3/8 ounce jighead. The fish were in 10-15 feet of water. The weather looks iffy for the next few days with consistent rain in the picture. The end of the week holds promise as the weather and water clears. Good luck out there this week.

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat

Excellent Delacroix Marsh Fishing

Excellent fishing in the Delacroix marsh. The fish are in a solid winter time pattern and easy limits are within a short ride from the dock. The trout are nice size 14-18″ and are readily eating up artificial baits. We used plastic cocahoes on 1/4 ounce jigheads for our fish. The hot colors were black/chartreuse tail, tuxedo and bronze/red flake. We worked the edge of a deep interior lake hole. The fish were suspended a few feet off of the bottom early. The trout were aggressively striking the lure on the initial fall or after a twitch up off the bottom. Quick limits of trout and then the search for reds and flounder was on. Everywhere we stopped, the trout were working us over. They seem to be all over the marsh. Pick a winter time hole and work the ledge with plastics or live bait for your specks.The reds and flounder were working in shallow coves on the edge of the marsh. These fish wanted the same artificial baits worked with a steady twitching retreive. We also picked up a nice 2 lb. bass while working the reds. The trout seemed to move up in the water column as the day heated up, so do not forget the upper column if you fish mid day into afternoon. Ducks are all over the marsh as well. It looks like the last front and the lack of hunting pressure has really moved the birds in. Beware of the gnats! They have made a showing in a big way. The weather looks good for the rest of the week into the weekend. It will be cold, so bundle up and enjoy the great fishing that Louisiana has to offer. Good luck out there this week and weekend!