Incoming Tide Brings Spotty Action

Fair fishing today out of the Delacroix marsh. The action was fast during the falling tide, but quickly faded as the tide turned around. The incoming tide brought spotty action as the large tidal range brought in dirty water from the outer bays. The water was really moving and we had trouble getting our lures to the bottom in 18 feeet of water. The fish were hanging tight on the bottom and were barely holding the baits. We missed plenty of fish. The hot color was smoke with a red tail. We used 3/8 ounce jigheads, but should have moved to 1/2 to get the baits down. We caught alot of trout during the course of the day and over half of them were too small to make the box. The reports that I have gotten seem to reinforce that the fish are on an afternoon feed right now. Try an evening trip for a change of pace while this moon phase is bright, you just may be able to get into a good mess of fish! Good luck out there this weekend!


Captain Jeff J. Dauzat