Duck hunting report – 1/22/2017

Back to the Mississippi River Delta today. Supper foggy this morning and made it quite challenging to get to the blind. We arrived in a big pond close to the river and got set up. It was slow at first due to the fog and intermittent rain. The weather cleared up a little and the birds started working the pond. I had 2 kids in the group and they were taking all of the shots. Very impressing shooting by the 11 and 14 year old boys. The action was hot and we started to fill the duck strap with Gadwall, Bluewing Teal, Greenwing Teal and Mottled ducks. The wind started picking up to 20 mph and unleashed rafts of floating water hyacinth. These rafts started to take out our decoy spread and we had to chase and reposition the decoy spread several times. We kept taking ducks, but the wind continued to pick up and water started to splash over into the boat from the waves. Time to get out while we were still good to float out. We were short of full limits today, but it was a great shoot and a great way to end the season! The Coastal Zone is done for this season, but we will be working the Eastern zone for another week! Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff