Duck hunting report – 1/20/2017

Foggy this morning in the Mississippi River Delta. We were able to cross the Mississippi River without issue and get into a big pond close to the river batture. We got the decoys out and slid into the boat blind and ready for shooting time. Not much flying as the fog was thick and thunder rumbled in the distance. It was slow for the first hour, but then the fog thinned and it was on. Gadwall would see the pond/decoy spread and fall out of the sky to get into the set. Big mistake as my guests were really on with their shooting. The bag co9nsisted of mostly gadwall with a couple of Greenwing and Bluewing teal in the mix. It took us a couple of hours to get limits, but a really enjoyable hunt. We got he decoys up and bagged for travel and the skies opened up with heavy rain and strong winds. We found a safe place to ride it out and sat in the rain for 30 minutes before we could run back to the boat launch. Glad we got finished with the duck limits before the rain! The good hunting continues and the area is still holding a lot of ducks. Good luck out there this weekend!

Captain Jeff