Duck Hunting Report – 11/17/2017

My guests faced less than ideal conditions this morning at the Mississippi River Delta. Little to no wind and super low tides made for very challenging hunting. We set up in a small pond hoping that the birds would want to get away from big water and find some safety and security in the small waters. Not the case as there were few birds around at first light. A few stragglers started to appear and we got a few to commit and enter the pond. My guests shooting was good and we started to get a few into the bag. The bag consisted of Mottled, Greenwing Teal and Ringnecks. We could hear a boat or two running in the big waters to our North and thousands of birds filled the sky. The birds circled around a time of two and went straight back down in the same spots. It can be frustrating when you know that the birds are down, but they just would not move. The water kept getting lower by the minute and we called it off while there was still an inch of water left in the pond to allow for escape. I guess that is why they call it hunting! We will be back at it again this weekend. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff