Duck hunting report – 11/18/2018

The excellent hunting continues in the Mississippi River Delta. We had hunts Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Each hunt had full limits for the group. The species composition has shifted to more GreenWing and BlueWing Teal in the bag. We are still harvesting Pintail, Gadwall and Mottled Ducks too, but they seem to be more skittish right now. The weather has been good with the recent cool down and the winds have kept the birds from rafting up on the big open water of the Gulf of Mexico. The property is still in great shape as the ponds are full of feed and we have been moving to different ponds each hunt to limit pressure in any one area of the marsh. The Mississippi River is high and still rising. It looks like a small weather system is scheduled for tonight and into tomorrow morning. Might move more birds into the system, time will tell. We are back at it in the morning and will report. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff