Duck hunting report 11/10/2018

Tough weather conditions for the big duck opener this morning as we faced 30 mph winds blowing into our face as we arrived at the launch. The Mississippi River was raging to say the least. It was just too rough to face in the dark and we decided to wait till daylight to see what we were facing and where we were going. I am glad that we exercised caution because a boat capsized downriver at 5:30 AM and one of the passengers is still missing. The Mississippi River is nothing to play around with. We were able to make it across just after daylight and pulled up into a brushed blind just right for the strong northerly winds. We set out a small spread of decoys and pulled into the cover of the boat blind. We had thousands of ducks screaming through the pond and birds landing 5 feet from the blind – incredible! Great shooting and we were limited out in a very short amount of time. Our bag included Gadwall, Pintail, Mottled, Bluewing Teal and Greenwing Teal. The season is off to a bang up start. More reinforcing weather is predicted for the upcoming week and the hot action should continue. Good luck out there this week and please, please remember to wear your PFD.

Captain Jeff