Delacroix Report – 8/6/2016

The small trout are everywhere! My guest got out early with me after some speckled trout and redfish. We hit a point on the edge of Breton Sound that has been good over the last few weeks. We started putting trout into the box pretty quickly working live shrimp Carolina rigged. We had to wade through many fish that were just under the minimum size limit. Good action. We kept picking away at the trout until a big humpback redfish crashed the party. This fish was only 25 inches long , but weighed 15 lbs. Apparently, the fish must have sustained a back injury early in life and made a recovery despite the odd appearance. The red was released due to pity and lives to fight another day! We stayed on the fish and picked through small fish to reach my guests quota and we headed in early to catch the Delacroix Blessing of the Shrimp Fleet. A good time was had by all! Good luck out there this week!