Delacroix Report 7/3/2016

Another day in paradise! We hit the edge of Breton Sound bright and early to find near perfect conditions. We found a spot that had deep water adjacent to an oyster lined flat. Shrimp were jumping out of the water everywhere and schools of speckled trout were on them quick. We got into a good bite on nice sized trout 14-16″ and really good eaters. The fish were aggressive and would maul anything we threw at them. We mostly used live shrimp Carolina rigged and artificial cocahoes on jigheads. It did not matter, the bait was getting crushed. We had a box full of trout and my guests wanted to try for some redfish. I called in a buddy fishing nearby to work on the trout we were leaving biting. When he arrived and got on the “spot on the spot”, we headed further inside to get on some reds. We worked a shallow cove with a couple of small sloughs that lead into marsh ponds. The reds were stacked up in the mouths of the drains and we boxed them on live shrimp 2 feet under corks. The sky darkened and thunder boomers started to build up so we headed to the dock early. Another great day of fishing out of the Delacroix marsh. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff