Delacroix Report – 7/22/2017

The weather was threatening this AM as we headed out into Breton Sound. It looked like we had a window to get around the storms toward the East, but we could not out run them and had to stop behind an island and ride it out. It did not last long and looked worse than it really was. After the delay, we continued on to spot “A”. Well unfortunately, the spot I have been working was already occupied and it was off to plan “B”. We hit another spot on the edge of Breton Sound with a small ditch flowing from a pond into a long shoreline. We worked the mouth of the ditch piking up a few reds. The action was too slow so we headed out in search of another spot and I noted that spot “A” was now available and we set up to work the point. The tide was rising and flowing across the point and dropping off into a deep channel. Speckled trout were in the deep crushing bait fish and shrimp. We offered up live shrimp Carolina rigged and were rewarded with a pile of specks in the 14-18″ class. The fish were also actively hitting artificial cocahoes on 3/8 ounce jigheads. Good eaters and a lot of fun to catch. The action slowed as the tide slowed and we headed back toward the inside to find the tide again. We hit few spots with limited success as the tide was waning. We decided to call it early and head back to the dock. It was a good day even though we had some challenges to deal with. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff