Delacroix Report – 6/10/2017

The good fishing continues in the Delacroix marsh. We hit the same area as yesterday and had similar conditions. The results were the same. The fat speckled trout were hungry and waiting for our live shrimp Carolina rigged offerings. The group had their fill of trout so we ventured off after some redfish action. We got to the area where the redfish have been hanging out and wow, the boats were everywhere. Apparently, the word is out. I could not fish where I wanted to be so we tried another area with much less crowding. We hit a spot with 2 small drains feed a duck pond. We threw live and dead shrimp under corks up into the drains. Bingo, redfish responded with crushing blows to the shrimp and in some4 cases the corks. Crazy good redfish action as we limited out in short order. Just another great Delcroix day! Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff