Delacroix Report – 5/15/2021

It was a beautiful morning in the Delacroix marsh. We started out early to light winds and decided to head out to the edge of the marsh to work a speckled trout hole that has been producing. By the time we got outside, the winds had picked up to 20 knots out of the east. What started out as a comfortable boat ride turned into a bumpy adventure! We made it to the spot to find the water looked like chocolate milk and knew immediately that we would need to rethink the game plan for the day. Moved into redfish mode and started working some drains on the outside edge area. We tossed live shrimp on carolina rigs to start picking away at redfish. The fish were in the 16-19″ class. We did not find a mother load of reds ganged up, but we picked away at them trying a bunch of spots. We ended up back inside in a protected pond with alot of grass. Was hoping the grass would help clear up the water and it was somewhat cleaner. We finally picked up a few trout to go with a black drum before calling at a day. It goes to show that everyday is a new opportunity and you must remain flexible as the conditions change quickly. Looks like rain for the first half of the week, but the rest of week looks good. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff