Delacroix Report – 12/22/2016

Strange tide today in the Delacroix Marsh. We hit the water after daylight to find a slight falling tide. We motored to where a small bayou drains into a small flat. There is a deep oyster lined hole adjacent to the bayou. We staged up current of the hole and started fishing. My guests were throwing live shrimp Carolina rigged. We started catching quickly, but had to wade through some small speckled trout to get some into the ice chest. The wind started to pick up out of the Southeast and the action slowed. We headed to another similar spot and got on them again. We again had to wade through small trout, but kept putting fish in the box too. The tide quit and the action slowed. We stayed in the same spot waiting for the tide to start rising, but it never did. Not quite sure why, but we fished slack water for a while. We started to pick up sheeepshead after sheepshead and decided to keep them. Sheepshead are tough to clean, but excellent table fare. We stayed until we ran out of live shrimp and took it back to the boat slip. Good day of fishing! Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff