Buras Teal hunt

Opening day of Teal Season is always a special time to get back to the delta to enjoy the first opportunity for wingshooting on early migrating teal. The birds did not dissappoint and quick limits were on the water in short order. It would have happened sooner, but rusty shooting skills made the first passes difficult. Once that was out of the way, we capitalized on most of the chances and limits were done. My hunting property was largely spared adverse conditions from Hurricane Ida. All of the blinds are intact, the ponds have plenty of submerged vegetation and the bull tongue and delta duck potato that ducks love so much rings all of the ponds. The water did get up over six feet and flushed most of the floating vegetation out. We got lucky as the devastation to Plaquemines Parish was most evident in the daylight as we headed back up river toward home. Here’s to a quick recovery for South Louisiana! Cant wait to get back to the delta for more teal action. Be careful out there this week.

Captain Jeff