Buras duck report 11/19/2015

Good duck weather this week and some small fronts have pushed ducks down and into our ponds. The Easterly winds have pushed the water really high and flooding into the marsh. Easy access into the ponds, but the extra water opens up areas in the marsh that are typically dry. The ducks love newly flooded areas! We hit a pond perfect for the wind and adjacent to some flooded freshwater marsh this morning. The action was slow as shooting time arrived with ducks trying to land in the pond in singles and pairs. After the initial flurry of action, we had 6 species in the boat – Mottled, Pintail, Gadwall, Bluewing Teal, Greenwing Teal and Widgeon. An hour into the hunt, the Gadwall started to come in in groups of 2-15 and limits were achieved shortly thereafter. Great shoot! Good luck out there this weekend!

Captain Jeff