Buras Duck Hunt – 12-29-2020

The duck action has slowed down in the Mississippi River Delta. We hit the marsh this morning to great conditions, cool and breezy. We quickly discovered that the water is super low and the tide was still falling. Only one of my blinds was huntable as the rest were dry holes. We were able to get into the pond and we set up a big spread of teal, gadwall and pintail decoys. Sunrise came to relatively empty skies. Nothing moving at all and very few hunters around to stir them up. Soon enough a pair of gadwall decided we looked good and dropped in for a visit and never left. The teal then started buzzing around and a few large flocks of 25-30 banked close to us, but we did not get a shot off. Another group approached and we got 1 Green Wing Teal. Then the action slowed to nothing and the decoys started to lay on their sides as the water was still falling out hard. We decided to get out while we still could and call it a day. While we did not get limits, it was the best hunt until the next. We have some weather expected toward the end of the week and it may bring some new birds in to the area. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff