Pretty good hunting weather this weekend. Warm, but dry with light winds are good for hearing wild turkey gobbles. My guest was a little turkey hunting inexperienced, but we learned together. The birds were pretty silent the first couple of days as we worked different areas with different techniques. We patterned an old gobbler I have hunted several times before. We saw him in a field late in the evening about 20 minute before fly up time. I knew where he would roost based upon where he was at the time. The next morning we hit the area bright and early to intercept the old tom – wrong, he was already on the ground and strutting at the exact spot we were headed to. I was shocked that he was on the ground so early. He did not see us, but sensed something was wrong and walked off – bummer. We eased out and moved to another area and walked into a bottom and set up to call. I let out a string of yelps followed by some aggressive cutting and was immediately answered by a gobbler across the creek bottom. We worked closer to the bird as the chess match began. I called, he called, he moved, I moved and the game was on. This activity continued for 45 minuets as we got closer and closer. A hen came into the mix and started calling too. She got in between us and the gobbler and eventually hooked up with the gobbler – game over. We decided to ease out and try to get all the way around on the birds. We walked back to the truck and drove all the way around to move in from a different position. Good move as we eased down a dim logging road and saw the gobbler in full strut with a hen about 80 yards out. We eased off to the side of the road and set up by an old pine tree. I used soft calls purrs and clucks, but the bird would not strike. I got more aggressive with the calling and we watched as the hen moved off with the gobbler in tow. Good chase, but no success. Strange turkey behavior for this time of the year. Anyway, the good times turkey hunting continue. We have one more week and the season closes. Good luck out there!

Captain Jeff