Laid down the rods and picked up the shooting irons Saturday morning at the duck lease in Buras, Louisiana. I had 2 guests from Wisconsin come down to experience the ultimate swamp tour with a twist. We rode around the 1200 acre duck lease on a quest to control the nutria population. These animals are voracious marsh destructors and need to be controlled. They have few predators and breed like rabbits. Without control, they would devour vast acreage of vegetation converting it to open water. The mudboat hit all of the bayous, canals, lakes and duckponds eliminating a dozen of the rodents. One guest was a marksman with a shotgun and the other sported a .22 rifle. Both good shots and enjoyed the experience. We saw all types of wildlife including plenty ducks of various species, wild pigs, cattle, snakes and alligators. A real swamp tour with a twist!

Captain Jeff