A buddy with a camp in Hopedale came back to New Orleans with a sack of fresh caught St. Bernard Parish oysters. I got a few dozen and decided to try chargrilling them. I have had them cooked this may many times and love them. I have never cooked them though. First the tough part, cracking them! Got the knife, lead base and went at it. Some were easy, some needed 3 attempts to finnaly break through. Opened them all, ate a few raw and set the rest on a bed of ice and left the natural juice in them. Made a sauce of butter, lemon, worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, garlic, bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. I then placed the oysters still in the shell on the hot grill. Lathered on the sauce and cooked till they started bubbling. Excellet! Served with a side of garlic vermacelli and hot french bread. Boy were they good. Can’t wait to do it again!