Good fishing this weekend out of Delacroix . Saturday was excellent weather and the fish responded well. My guests got into a good bite early at a wellhead catching 2-3 lb trout on artificial cocahoes in smoke and purple w/ chartreuse tail. We tried live shrimp and croaker, but the fish wanted artificial. This bite faded as a crew boat stopped by and it was off to the next hot spot. We set up down current of a wellhead in Breton Sound and threw back up current. Nice trout 3-4 lbs were hammering the artificial cocahoes as they were twitched past the well. We also picked up 2 bull reds up to 35 lbs which were released to fight another day. We ventured to another couple of rigs with nothing and decided for one more stop before heading into the marsh for reds and it was on! These specks were smaller, but still in the 1-2 lb class. The fish also wanted artificial cocahoes. This action continued until we finished off the chest and left them biting. Great day to be on the water!

The conditions today were a little different. The winds picked up and the seas did as well. My guests opted to do the redfish tour in the protected waters. We set up on windward points and coves in the outer bays and tossed out live cocahoe minnows 3 feet under corks. No slam, but each spot would yield a few fish. The wind and seas were picking up even more and we headed to the deep waters of the inside marsh. Tried the artificial cocahoe winter twitch and immediately started picking up trout 13-17″. After some catching, we looked over our shoulders to see a big storm bearing down on us from the West with lightning and thunder. Time to run! ¬†We ventured as far north as we could to try to get around it, stopping at a couple of spots with nothing for the chest. A small window presented to get back and avoid the rain and my guest decided to call it an early day. We made it into the slip in a light sprinke and the rain began to fall shortly thereafter. Good timing! The fish are active in the sound if the weather permits, but the inside waters are still holding plenty of fish. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat