Good fishing today out deep in Breton Sound. The water is really nice on the outside and the fish are getting set up at the usual places.  The light winds and low seas this morning allowed us to go way outside with comfort. We arrived bright and early and found the first drop to be dead. A slight move found hungry trout waiting. These fish were nice 2-3 lbs. The fish wanted artificial cocahoes in smoke and strawberry colors. We tried live shrimp and croakers freelined, carolina rigged and under corks with no takers. This action continued until interrupted by a crew boat which shut us down. The next wellhead produced more trout in the same class. These fish also wanted artificial and would not touch live bait. The trout wanted the bait cast up current and slow rolled back to the boat. My guest gave me a work out with several rods bending at once. A big, fast moving rain storm was approaching and we made the decision to stay put instead of running for shelter. We caught fish until the heavy rain started which shut it down. The rain was surprisingly refreshing! Our next spot was another trout winner. These fish were a little larger up to 4 lbs. Artificial was once again king. We also picked up a couple of bull reds up to 18 lbs. This action slowed and we called it a day early. We saw a couple of flights of birds working in North Black Bay on the way back in. The weather looks good the upcoming weekend with good tidal ranges. Get out there and catch em!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat