Too windy for the outside sow trout trip today so off in search of inside reds and specks. The tide was rising at a pretty good clip until early afternoon. We worked points and cuts in interior bayous looking for redfish. The reds wanted live or dead shrimp 2-3′ under corks. The grass is such a problem on the inside that it made bottom fishing almost impossible. The reds were lurking on the down current side of the points in between the grass patches and the bank. The grass patches typically start about 2-3′ off of the bank. We caught limits of reds 18-22″ and a variety of others including sheepshead, black drum, gafftops and the dreaded hardheads. The interior lakes are holding a fair amount of small trout right now. The trout were 13-15″ with a bunch of throwbacks. The trout wanted live shrimp 2-3′ under corks. Beware of the leg easters! We could not get a trout strike on artificials today. The winds are predicted to stay up for the next couple of days which will make the┬átrek out to Breton Sound iffy at best. There is still plenty of fishing to be done in the protected waters of the inside. There will likely be alot of competition in the duck ponds for redfish with the redfish tour ongoing this weekend out of Chalmette. Good luck to all in the tourney!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat