Excellent fishing this weekend out of the Delacroix marsh. The speckled trout are still feeding at the rigs and wellhead structures outside in Breton Sound. The big sow trout bite seem to have cooled off a little, but the smaller more aggressive fish have taken up the slack. The trout are taking live shrimp carolina rigged and deep under corks in 10-12′ of water. Artificial cocahoes in alvacado and smoke w/red tail have also produced alot of fish. The fish have attacked the plastic when presented with a slow roll technique near the bottom. The action was best early till mid morning and then faded. Plenty of bird action in the western side of the Sound. The trout have been nice in some of the schools running up to 3 lbs., but there are also quite a few throwbacks in other schools. The birds have been making up good in the late morning and running through the afternoon. Best lures are double rigged plastics in any color. Casting accuracy is important with these fish. Look for the shrimp jumping out of the water. The seagulls will be close behind swooping down onto the water to catch the shrimp. The trout will also be right under the shrimp trying to eat it. If you can cast within 5′ of this activity, it is almost a guarantee to catch a trout. The redfish seemed to come alive in the outer bays and exterior lakes this week. All good fish up to bulls, but averaging 22″ with no undersize fish. We set up on points in lakes and bays with good tidal water movement and 2-3′ water depth. Live shrimp, dead shrimp, artificial cocahoes and gold spoons all caught limits of redfish. The fish wanted the shrimp 3′ under corks. The fish were attacking the corks too! At one spot, we lost 7 corks due to breakoffs. A guest would be hooked up fighting a redfish and another red would hit the cork and cut the line. Exciting action! The weather looks iffy for the next few days. Hopefully this weather system will shift east with a push from the pressure in the west. After the system passes, the Delacroix marsh will return to normal and the action will resume. Good luck out there this week!

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat