Another windy day in paradise. My guests were treated to a stiff ENE breeze gusting to 25 K this morning in the Delacroix marsh. The water had been low in the morning, but poured in during the day. That was the biggest .4 foot tidal range I have ever seen! The water was clean in the morning and became increasingly cloudy throughout the day. We found some small trout feeding in the winter time holes this morning. It was two throwbacks for every fish that hit the box, but steady action. The fish wanted live cocahoe minnows on the bottom on jigheads and artificial cocahoes in smoke w/red tail. The artificial out produced the live today. A few small reds and a couple of flounder rounded out the day. The action is spotty right now and with the full moon, the action is best early and late. Look for your fish to still be in the deep holes early and moving up toward the flats in theĀ  afternoon. Good luck out there this week.

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat